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And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation."  -Mark 16:15

As children of Christ, we are commanded to share the Gospel with the world - with ALL of God's creation. In Jesus' day, that usually meant travelling far and wide to distant lands in order to expose the greatest number of people to the Word of God. Today, traveling the world can be as simple and easy as walking out your front door or making a trip to the grocery store. The world is in our backyards. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, business contacts and more - these are our world. The nations have come to us! Be willing to go out to them!

Community Food Pantry

Each month, LBC distributes food to nearly fifty families in our community. Families are required to apply and meet certain income and other requirements in order to join the program. While participants are not required to attend, we also host a fellowship and devotional time just prior to the distribution. The food provided through this ministry will certainly help to meet physical needs, but our true goal is to provide spiritual nourishment to draw our community closer to Christ!

La Palmita, Guatemala

In 2018, LBC began a partnership with the Elmore Baptist Association to support and minister to Pastor Ricardo Gomez and the residents of La Palmita, Coatepeque, Guatemala. The people here are hungry for the Gospel and have ministered to us much more than we have to them. The Gospel is alive in La Palmita!


In addition to sharing the love of Christ with our brothers and sisters in this foreign land, LBC has helped to provide a needed coat of paint to the village school (2018), provide fans and electrical wiring to the church building (2019), funded a VBS/Christmas celebration for the village children (2019), and helped to fund the placement of two water wells within the village (2020). We pray that God will allow us to continue this partnership and ministry.

While we are currently not able to visit with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters due to travel restrictions, we continue to pray for them and keep in touch with Pastor Ricardo and others in this beautiful land.

ESL Instruction

2019 saw the beginning of a new ministry for our small country church. What had been a much prayed for ministry for our pastor, the late Bill Faircloth, this ministry became reality when the first English as a Second Language (ESL) class began in mid-2019. Reaching out to our local Chinese community, the ESL course taught at LBC teaches conversational English by way of the book of Mark. Our first class graduated in January 2020. We are excited about what the future holds for this ministry!

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